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- We can refund you within the warranty period. The warranty period will start from the date that the device was collected.

- The refund is valid if the device is in the same conditions as when it was collected. We can only refund if we can take our parts back.

- The refund will be voided if it had been disassembled NOT by EziPhoneRepair.

- The refund will be voided if the device’s information is incorrect.

- The refund will be voided if the device had any damage, including physical damage, water damage, or pressure damage.

- For screen replacement, the refund will be voided if the screen was not showing (blacked out), had lines (vertical lines or horizontal lines), black dots, ink/oil mark, or discolouration if there were not there when the device was collected.

- For refund replacement, the battery will be voided if it was bulging because of misuse.

- The refund amount will be based on the amount you have paid for the service after deducting labour costs.

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