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EziPhoneRepair always makes you satisfied with the quality of our service. Besides the guaranteed quality of the device after the repair, EziPhoneRepair also gives you several incentives and long-term warranty policies.

To help our customers feel more secure when getting your device's service at EziPhoneRepair, we always have a long and thoughtful warranty policy accompanying these services. If your device, unfortunately, has issues after the service, hopefully, the warranty policies at EziPhoneRepair could help you feel more secure in the process of using our service.

Each model and each service has its warranty policy. Therefore, please refer to the information below, to learn more about EziPhoneRepair’s warranty for your device.

Return-to-base Warranty Procedure

Package the Product: The client should carefully package the product to protect it during transit. This may involve using the original packaging materials if available or using suitable packaging materials to prevent damage.


Ship/Deliver the Product: The client will need to ship the packaged product to the designated return address. Shipping fees for eligible services covered under warranty will be covered.


Processing: Once the returned product is received, an assessment will be made and the appropriate course of action will be determined whether it can be covered under warranty or not.


Resolution: A notification will be made including the resolution to the warranty claim: service timeframe, extra cost if applicable, or refund.


Return-to-base Warranty Acceptance Terms and Conditions

The warranty is applicable for the duration of the warranty period commencing from the date of device collection.


The warranty remains valid provided the device is in the same condition as at the time of collection.


Warranty coverage is specific to the parts serviced by Ezi Phone Repair. For other functions experiencing issues, services will be offered at preferential rates. All functions should be tested thoroughly before leaving the shop.


For screen replacements, a six-month warranty covers touch-related issues (such as touch freeze and ghost touch), bubbles on the screen, detachment of the screen, or backlight problems (such as white dots) related to the replacement screen.


For battery and other component replacements, a three-month warranty applies to any defects in the battery (such as unstable battery life or unresponsiveness) or other replaced components.


For mainboard operations, a three-month warranty covers issues that were addressed during the service.​


Ezi Phone Repair reserves the right to modify or update our warranty policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review the warranty policy periodically for any updates.

Warranty Voided

The warranty will be void under the following conditions:

- Expiration of the warranty period.

- Disassembly of the device by parties other than Ezi Phone Repair.

- Submission of incorrect device information.

- Any form of damage to the device, including but not limited to physical damage, water damage, or pressure damage.

- Damage, bending, or denting of the device's middle frame or housing.


Specifically for screen replacements:

- The warranty is void if the screen is found to be broken, cracked, chipped, blacked out, displaying lines (either vertical or horizontal), exhibiting black dots, ink/oil marks, coloration changes, or discoloration not present at the time of collection.

For battery replacements:

- The warranty is void if the battery is bulging due to misuse.

Terms that are not covered by the warranty

Warranty coverage is not provided for devices that exhibit pre-repair conditions such as bending, denting, water damage, black dots, white dots, or lines.


Warranty service is not applied to phones with a broken screen or back glass/cover until such components have been serviced.​


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