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What is broken screen replacement?

          In a short explanation, we will take the broken glass from the device and put on the new glass on top. This process includes a sequence of complicated steps in order to keep your original display. This is a reason why if your screen has marks, black dots, white dots, or burnt marks, they will remain after we replace the glass. The glass-only replacement is possible if your display is not a third-party, TFT, or copy display. For glass-only replacement, you might see a few waves underneath the glass.

          If the screen has too much damage, which is also called deep damage, it might leave some grey dots, black dots, or lines on the screen after the glass replacement. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to change the whole display.

          If your screen has a pre-damage on the display, we can still try to replace the glass. However, the customers will need to take the risk of the display going wrong after the glass replacement. If this happens, we can either change the display for you for the display replacement cost, or we can return the phone with the broken display for you without any service charge. For normal glass replacement, we will take the risk and the responsibility for the customers if the display is broken after we change the glass; but for the badly damaged ones, we will not take the risk.

When do you need to replace the glass? When do you need to replace the whole display?

          We can replace the glass-only on your phone when it has no issues with the touch screen (fully response and no ghost touch, no touch by itself) or the display (fully show, no lines, marks, or dots). If you have any touch issues or display issues, you need to change the whole display. In a few cases, if your screen has touch issues, we can just change the glass and touch. Please Contact Us for more details.

Normal Glass-only Replacement

Deep Damaged Glass-only Replacement

Pre-damaged Display Glass-only Replacement

Broken Display

Normal Glass
Deep Damaged
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