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There are three common damages that can happen that leads to a broken device. 


Physical damage


Water damage


Pressure damage


Physical damage happens when the device had been dropped (regardless of the height or the surface of the impact) or got hit by something on them. The most common issues caused by physical damage are broken screen, chipped screen, broken middle frame/housing, bent/dent middle frame/housing, etc.


Water/Liquid damage happens when your device contacts any kind of liquid (water, steam, alcohol, perfume, solvents, detergent, acids or acidic foods, insect repellent, lotions, sunscreen, oil, or hair dye, etc.), either by submerged, liquid spilled, hot steam, etc. Most of the phones had a waterproof or water-resistant seal, but this seal is not a permanent seal and may diminish over time. 


Many people have found their phones suffered pressure damage after a period of time before the display has an issue. Most of the time pressure damage happens when it suffered a high pressure on the surface of the device, especially with the OLED/ AMOLED display. Pressure damage can occur when someone lean/sit on the device or even when the device sits inside the briefcase, backpack, or some other container where another object or a strap, buckle, or something similar could put pressure on a phone. You might see the crack underneath the glass and ink/oil mark on the display. The device suffered pressure damage will appear lines, black dots, ink/oil marks on the display or worse, the display will not show anything even though the glass layer did not break. 

iX line.png

All the damage will void the factory warranty/repair warranty



When your device has water damage, the first thing you need to do is dry it out and put it into a bag/jar of rice, rice will take all water out. In fact, the device needs to be disassembled as soon as possible to get the water cleaned, because the leftover water might go underneath the circuit board and corrode the component inside. 


REpair COST 

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Water damage repair usually requires circuit board fixing. Give us a ring or an email to find out how much to recover your water damage device

All manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers have a warranty for their products. All the damage will void that warranty. The reason being is the warranty just only be covered as long as the part that has been replaced was faulty, not by any external damage such as physical damage, water damage, or pressure damage. These damages affect directly electronic devices.

Physical damage

Repair Cost

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Water Damage


Most of the users did not notice that their device had pressure damage since the issue will appear a period of time after the damage happened 

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Pressure damage causing issues to the display. Give us a ring or an email to find out how much to repair your device

Pressure Damage
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