Frequently Asked Questions


After over a decade in the repair business, we’ve come to understand some of the most common issues affecting electronics such as phones, computers and consoles. The articles below provide insight on some of the most common issues we encounter and how to correct them. If your problem persists after you’ve tried some of these common fixes, bring your device in and we’ll work to get it back to working order for you.

Fast Service

Because we work on a wide range of electronics, we have the expertise to evaluate and solve technical issues quickly and effectively. Our diverse knowledge of electronics enables us to repair a variety of phones and tablets. We perform on-site repairs when we have the parts to do so, which means faster turnaround time for you

Affordable Repair


We perform high-quality service at an affordable price. Our rates are very competitive. Because we will evaluate your device at no cost, there is no risk in bringing your other gadgets to us to review. If we are unable to fix the problem, we will let you know and return your gadget promptly

Experienced Staff


We are experts at cell phone and mobile device repair. You can hand us your other gadgets with confidence, knowing that they are in highly-skilled hands. We examine your treasured electronics with the care and attention that you expect. And, we back up our repair work with a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor.


What Quality Parts do you use?


The quality of parts in the mobile phone industry is a minefield. We procure only AAA quality parts

Although more expensive, AAA parts have better build quality, use AAA Gorilla Glass (on screens) & last about 3-4 times longer than copy or aftermarket parts.

High warranty rates, faulty parts & quality issues relating to copy/ aftermarket parts are not worth the trouble so it’s in our best interest to procure only the best.


How do we send the phone to EziPhoneRepair?

Our Address: Inside Kosco, Shop 8, 227 Blenheim Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041

Either drop it in at our shop or send it by courier. Please provide us with your Name, contact number and passcode to unlock the phone if you are ok with it. We will contact you once the phone arrived. We will check the device and provide a quote for the device. All payments can be done through our bank transfer.

Do I need to make an appointment?

There is no need to make a booking. You can come on down during our opening hours (9:00 - 7:00 daily).


What is the warranty on the repair?

We offer a hassle-free six months warranty on all parts (two months for battery). Let us know if you are experiencing any issues and we’ll be happy to help out. Check out our full warranty policy.


Can I get a loan phone?


The courtesy phone will be provided on checking jobs and time taking jobs.


Do you need my passcode?


Yes, we need it to test new parts to ensure they are working by giving the device back to you. We do this, so you don’t have to come back if a component in your repair is faulty such as a speaker. For security reasons all iPhone’s require a passcode to be entered before any function of the device can be used. However, if you do not want to provide your passcode, there would be no problem. 


Will my data be secured if I give you the passcode?


Your data will be the same as before we fix your phone. However, we cannot guarantee because we do not know what data you have on your phone. We strongly recommend backing up your data if you can before getting the phone fixed. We have a large number of repairs every day, so we will not have time to check on your data.


My device won't charge, is it the battery?


If your device won’t charge this could be the battery, charging port or logic board. If you’re experiencing this issue we can diagnose the course and let you know what component needs replacement.


My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, what do I do?


If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo when booting this could be due to a faulty battery, software or logic board. We can quickly diagnose if this is the problem and repair your iPhone.

How do I know if I need the LCD repair or not?


If the screen of the phone produces lines, white, or has any dead pixels, then you’re going to need the LCD & Glass replacement as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage. If you are having trouble with touch issues on your screen, you would also need a new LCD & Glass replacement.


Is it covered under warranty if I drop it again?


Unfortunately, if you have dropped your device again we are unable to repair it under warranty. Our warranty policy excludes physical damage such as cracked glass or water damage. Any issues such as ghost-touch and lost touch due to the screen itself are covered under our six months warranty.


Do you unlock iCloud?


Find My iPhone has been designed to make any stolen device worthless. For this reason, we do not offer iCloud unlock as a service. We recommend getting in touch with the previous owner of the device to get them to unlock it for you.


Do you fix the home button on iPhones?


We can fix all types of home buttons for iPhones, from iPhones 4/4s to iPhone 8+.

How long will it take?


iPhone repairs take 1 hour on average. Samsung, iPad, and other devices repairs usually take overnight.

What functions we will test?

- Touch screen.

- Front camera and Rear camera.

- Ear speaker and Louder speaker.

- Volume buttons, mute button, power button, and home button.

- Proximity sensor.

- Wifi and network

- Charging port and microphone.